Medical / Diagnostic Equipment
"Defining Healthcare Technologies in Details"

Welcome to Health Aura Co. WLL.

OVERVIEW: Established in 2015 with an approach on organising events pertaining to benefits of Qatar Citizens and Residents, we engaged ourselves with participating in wellness campaigns in areas of health and fitness. This brought us more close to the patient healthcare domain where in we visioned on embarking our plan to include the services and products which will bring in the quality to our medical practitioners. We are working towards the Qatar healthcare vision of 2030, of providing healthcare needs for Better Health, Better Care and with Better Values. Our effort to contribute to the Healthcare Devices and Critical care consumables, have been our main motive through this platform. We have a strong team to serve this industry with trained and experienced staff in this health domain. We are confident to deliver the best of our services with more than 20 year of experience within our team.

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