Services We Offer

Wound Care

Wound healing processes can be disrupted by underlying disease and develop to chronic wound from even a minor injury. We succeed in wound treatment which depends on the hygienic state of the wound, the wound preparation, the choice of wound dressing, the health care professional's experience and the patient's condition. The process involves prevent, treat, protect and repair. We provide combination of products and technologies to focus on infection, exudate management and finally bringing in best results with products essential for skin care. The products are designed trusted and approved by healthcare professional with research.

Oncology Consumables

Recently added portfolio includes specialised consumables and devices which helps in assisting the care givers in diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. Devices and consumables used in chemo such as ports, in lines and MRI treatments accessories are provided by us. Chemotherapy drugs handling protective measures and engineering controls like clean rooms and biological safety cabinets is our expertise. Oncology professionals are in danger to get exposed to vapours, aerosols, and droplets of hazardous chemotherapy drugs which can easily contaminate the workplace. We provide caregivers safe and protective environment to perform.


We are engaged in distribution of devices used for intravenous drug delivery and irrigation. We as a company has always focused on delivering the best in class products which adheres to the clinical benefits and patient care. Arthroscopy being a relative field to wound care gave us an opportunity to serve with the world class companies whom are having expertise in providing devices wherein the drug delivery means precision. Our range of irrigation sets, burret sets and IV accessories complement to the intravenous therapies given to the patients within the hospital.


Increasing demand in minimally invasive technologies have given birth to many devices which assist our surgeons, physicians which can be used for treating the patients with minimal incisions. Within our portfolio we provide with broad range of MedSurg and Vascular products and gastroenterology endoscopy guided accessories for procedures. We also provide customised procedure kits which provide hospital or surgeons with specific set of disposable medical products in a single sterile tray. The custom packs help in reducing the inventory for the hospital and mining costs on ordering excessive stocks.

Pharmacy Packaging Devices
and Consumables

Packaging of drugs, tablets caplets and compounding medications are important components which is essential for managing the educate supply of drug dispensing inside any hospital and pharmacy. It not only improves the inventory management of drug distribution but also gives better responses on medication adherence. We contribute to the workflow by providing Devices which are used in packaging the medication and also software solutions to manage them by tracking on inventory, drug dispensing data, expenses and coordination with manufacturers for timely ordering and placement of drugs. We have complete solutions providing end to end track and trace of medication from receiving until dispensing to the patient.

Critical Care Devices and

Several solutions are used for monitoring and treatment of in-patients which are essentially kept in a safe and clean environment to prevent from any kind of infection. Awareness on spread of infection has allowed the health practitioners to emphasise more on single use products reducing the transmission of disease and reducing long stays within ICU and ED. We provide with single use critical care devices and consumables for hospitals which can be used with their existing devices of majorly all manufacturers. Patient monitoring device, accessories and OR kits, ease the workflow for nurses and surgeons by providing the tools which are essential for standard practice of treatment. We also provide disinfecting solutions for ICU's and care giving areas.